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Financial institutions are facing a growing pressure to reduce exposure to money laundering, embezzlement, accounting fraud, terrorist funding and other issues. These problems are compounded by an ever-changing and increasingly complicated regulatory environment, which means that financial institutions need real, comprehensive solutions to screen and filter transactions.

 Our web-based solution tackles the issues of watch list screening and AML detection comprehensively in real time. The solution enables organizations to verify all transactions, emails and clients against various watch lists with an extremely advanced, centralized detection mechanism. The flexible, readily adaptable rule-builder of the solution enables seamless versatility- ensuring you remain up-to-date on the recent regulatory compliance.

How It Works?

We offer screening solution by acquiring customer’s identification information
as target search through various sources. The information is then processed on our tool conducting
a background search to produce results based on negative news, political exposure
and sanctions to make the appropriate risk decisions.


Smooth and Seamless Integration
Compliance with AML/CFT Laws
Comprehensive List Support
Maintain a Low False Positive Rate