Bit Solutions Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (“BSN”)  is a startup company founded by  Nepali American bankers with more than 12 years of industry experience.  Our aim is to strengthen and elevate the stature of Nepal and its banking industry through the implementation of banking modernization and risk mitigation strategies.  

About KYC Nepal

KYC Nepal is a brain child of Bit Solutions Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (“BSN”) that was created to meet the growing needs of the Nepali banking industry. The opportunity for a regulatory start up to enter into this type of business was realized a few years ago after an exhaustive study of the Financial Crime compliance in Nepal. The study identified key accounts i.e., lack of proper compliance and risk mitigation strategies within the banking industry. The study concluded that Nepal had a major learning curve when it came to maintaining effective strategies and a culture of compliance within its banking industry.  

 With the ongoing scrutiny from regulators and the international banking sectors, we believe that Nepal is ready to usher in a new era of banking modernization where Financial Crime risk management will hold strategic importance for institutions as well as the industry. 


The entire objective of bringing BSN into existence by its founders was to lead a value driven organization that not only looks after the long-term health of the company but the people and the society that it serves. We at BSN believe and champion the following causes:  

Decent work and economic growth – We believe that in today’s age of globalization, every citizen of the world should be able to have a decent work and the opportunity for economic growth. Geographical locations should no longer serve as obstacles for the transfer of resources and every citizen should have the right to education, acquiring skillsets and knowledge transfer.

Industry innovation and infrastructure – Nepal is at the cusp of ushering in an era of rapid development. In the coming months and years, many industries in Nepal will experience sea change or will be required to improve their quality in order to meet the growing standards of the world. Companies like BSN with longer-term goals for the industry and the country that also bring in wealth of industry knowledge and experience from across the globe will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the banking industry and Nepali banks’ stature in the global arena.

Reduced inequalities – In order for any society to move forward it needs to implement programs and strategies that reduce inequalities and promote a culture of inclusion. We at BSN champion diversity and inclusion and believe that no individual should be deprived of an opportunity solely based on his/her caste, creed, sex, religion or socio economic status.

Peace justice and strong institutions – BSN was founded on the principles of ethics, discipline, sustainability and interdependence. We promote ethical business practices, transparency, equal rights, environmental awareness and have strong anti-bribery and corruption policies. We believe in maintaining discipline whether it relates to managing clients’ expectations, employee behavior, supplier/third party relationships, shareholder expectations, and housekeeping. These are very important for the overall health of the company and the society that it serves. Every business idea at BSN is backed by a solid model that ensures long term sustainability of it. We believe in the wellness of our employees, our customers, and our society in general and work tirelessly to create a good, purposeful working environment and give back to society as much as possible.



Financial institutions are facing a growing pressure to reduce exposure to money laundering, embezzlement, accounting fraud, terrorist funding and other issues.

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We have teamed up with a leading local TM system provider whose current clients are some of the biggest commercial banks of Nepal.

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We offer an application to handle customer on-boarding and lifecycle management in a centralized industry owned environment.

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A survey of Nepalese banks and their infrastructure show that banks in Nepal are lagging behind to support banking modernization.
Digital banking is more than just a mobile app.

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Our team provides technical support, professional training and strategic guidance in the fields of AML & CFT, anti-corruption and financial investigation. We offer specialized governance and risk consulting services to FIs and (but not limited to) development of policy frameworks and firm-wide risk assessment programs.

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Our remediation service focuses on KYC completion through an extensive process consisting of digitization through our software application, customer coordination and integration with the bank’s CBS system.

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Shivani Shrestha
Board Member
Technical Coordinator
Software Developer


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